-20.234, -70.153 // Shape of the Sky

Once again daylight is increasing and nights are getting shorter.

Arrived in the Southern hemisphere where each shift south continues along the longitudinal arc of the earth as it revolves around our closest star in this six month dance with the sun. Within this calculated repetition of earth around the sun and moon around the earth, the light on land is anything but predictable. Local topography and weather treat the sun rays as regional pallets. Vast distances give way to elements that shape and shift the rays as they make their way to ground. This post shares images and drawings made when looking closely at the stratification in our atmosphere, conditions of the sky, and some of the effecting clouds from above.


04_20151004_170309_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds006 03_20151004_145610_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds004 02_20150923_152616_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds003 01_20151004_143413_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds005

54.312, -130.326 // On The Ground

Light 110 is a project with many facets: geographic, poetic, scientific, celestial, architectural, technical, and political to list a few. But right now it is the field work, logistics, and gear tuning that feature strongly in our daily routine. Foundational project thinking and planning mostly took place six months and 4,000 miles ago in West Texas on the Llano Estacado during longer winter nights and exists documented on Light 110 project website serves as an outline marker until other larger patterns emerge worth writing about.

As for today, the sun shines 17 hours with twilight another hour and a half before sunrise and after sunset, leaving a slight four hours of deep blue night. Not black mind you as was confirmed two evenings ago when staying up made more sense than going to sleep between documentation events.

Today marks seventeen days on the road which includes the first project site documentation. Pathfinder named WHIP, gear, equipment, and instruments are working, operating, functioning more or less as planned, designed, intended. Logistics, routine, and tuning have consumed most hours which actually is an indulgence because when else does one have the chance to perfect a lean light-tracking machine.





_20150623_Light110-gear - 2