-20.234, -70.153 // Shape of the Sky

Once again daylight is increasing and nights are getting shorter.

Arrived in the Southern hemisphere where each shift south continues along the longitudinal arc of the earth as it revolves around our closest star in this six month dance with the sun. Within this calculated repetition of earth around the sun and moon around the earth, the light on land is anything but predictable. Local topography and weather treat the sun rays as regional pallets. Vast distances give way to elements that shape and shift the rays as they make their way to ground. This post shares images and drawings made when looking closely at the stratification in our atmosphere, conditions of the sky, and some of the effecting clouds from above.


04_20151004_170309_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds006 03_20151004_145610_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds004 02_20150923_152616_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds003 01_20151004_143413_Light110_vmm_SkynClouds005

lubbock monuments

in honor of regional architecture in West Texas,

Unintentionally much time has passed since my last post so I felt it necessary this subject be of monumental proportions from observations on West Texas Cotton Sheds.

These engineered giants elegantly mark East Lubbock’s landscape at a scale far greater than the single story residential houses or sprawl commercial shops that make up most of this city.  Assembled from steel frame trusses and sheet metal cladding, these ancient archetypal forms tower roughly five stories high, with a roof shape based on cotton hull’s angle of repose.  The entire building footprint is free of columns or walls to accommodate the storage of shells and seeds after harvesting the fields.  Necessary circulation space exists between each shed as it sits in close proximity to the next staging an impressive rhythm of positive and negative forms.


Some of these sheds are not volumetric at all only skeletal, implying a shape that will grow with the arrival of cotton seeds. It is the arid climate of this region and an air tunnel at the base of the cotton seed pile that allows it to be successfully stored outside.

With the changing light these industrial monuments introduce a beautiful pallet of subtle colors.

Because of the scale these buildings command attention,
because of the material the shades are never the same,
because of the geometry these monuments dynamically register the shifting of the day,








*Cotten sheds at Ave. A x 34th and 50th, PYCO Industries.