34.682, -120.604 // Returning North to Continue South


Soon it would be too hot.

More than once this opening line from J.G. Ballard’s “The Drowned World” rang through my mind. The further South I drove the more I foresaw entering a world where continued heat, check points, and the Darien Gap consumed my energy and time, leaving me in jeopardy of missing scheduled light documentation and ultimately the December 21 solstice in Ushaia.

Project Update: back in CA for a quick month to arrange vehicle shipment from California to Peru, and Light 110 continues with a new “North + South of the Tropics” itinerary.

Traveling solo south in Baja California increasingly consumed more time than the project schedule afforded. I soon found myself facing what comparatively was a black hole event horizon, demanding within nine weeks I acquire nine project sites documentation each averaging four days, cross nine borders, and arrange a symphony of logistical puzzle pieces to overcome the infamous Darien Gap (think shipping containers, terminal fees, limited language).

Bypassing latitudes between the Tropic of Cancer and Topic of Capricorn stockpiles time on the Southern Hemisphere.

Gain – this new itinerary provides time to process, create, and summarize images gathered from the seven sites and seventy four days spent in the Northern Hemisphere. Also looking forward to following up with, reaching out to, and visiting resources I missed on the first round. Anyhow, there is always 2016 to run a Light 110 “Between the Tropics” excursion, grant funding pending.




24.797 ,-112.116 // Site Summaries

Sketches are the fun way I record site impressions. There exists an inevitable looseness that compliments the time-lapse mechanics of the instruments. At each latitude I draw the site plan, instrument plans, time log, impressionable wild-life (sometimes people), and typical site features. But my favorite to sketch are the site summaries which I draw only after leaving a location, and often this means a few weeks later. These sketches are outlines, intended to summarize the highlights of a place from which I spent three or four days. Eventually I will translate these into digital tapestries, a collaged of sorts from photos and drawings made on site. Here the story of the project expands beyond light, into the fantastical narration of delight and uncertainties.


N55 – Kincolith : unicorns, leprechauns, eagle bridge, and salmon run


N50 – Kyuquot : beer boat, lava sawtooth path, and mosquito point


N45 – Lincoln City : casino machine, deer ditch, cookie homes


N40 – Shelter Cove : tractors pulling boats, lost cove, kite fliers, and neighbor supplies.