cockroach and poodle

i return the the states with exquisite cockroaches and poodles. some will easily be identified as valuable beauty while others may require a frame and lens in which to see the same potential.

a dream from a few nights ago still sits with me after many between:
it is necessary we travel.  myself and another woman are preparing our animals to caravan across the arid region for many days.  our animals are of two herds, the cockroaches and the poodles.  the poodles require little in way of our attention so all of our care is spent on the cockroaches.  on clinic white tables, we tend to the final two in an attentive routine.  with two chopstick-like extensions i massage the cockroach to sleep on its back and proceed to tenderly examine its shell and body.  after checking for abrasions and abnormalities to be treated, i lightly tap the body repeatedly to tune the cockroach for the changes ahead.  all the while admiring the dark amber shell, thin spindle legs and fine antennae extensions that make up this creature.

the common portrayal of good and evil as beauty and ugly respectively is limiting and short sighted.  i completely dismiss the single nature simplicity that beautiful equates to good and ugly equates to evil.  instead, both conditions exist simultaneous and it is in the exchange that either beauty surfaces or recedes.  Sun Ra poetically spoke about good and evil embodied in every human during his 1971 Berkeley course.  to him it was the action not the label that determined whether one was going to better the world.

transversing the Rhine

transversing the Rhine : in the water and on the land

nothing is static when sailing a 1979 60′ concrete South African made ship through the lower Rhine River / Amsterdam canal.  maneuvering this weighted momentum through docked stops, grounded edges, and traveling trajectories is a full body balancing experience.  driving a boat that feeds off of one’s sweat and blood was exhaustingly beautiful. this ship from the other hemisphere required our entire team of five to navigate the red and green lights of netherland’s canals with a forceful finesse.  we worked a refreshingly crude sometimes dissonant beauty dance for six hours from port to starboard and back again.

in water, connections and knots are critical: triangulation, relation, divots, tides, push and pull thins one’s skin to the local intricacies of condition and need. the body is intertwined.

on land, speed and polish prevails: in amsterdam city operating through gravities of dense people and multiple transfers is a seamless streamlines that pulls taught the folded membrane of intricacy.

and the vessel of travel

power of two

in Amsterdam there is twice the light, twice the boats and twice the bridges. Alice can find her looking glass in the mirrored waterway canals that ring the city center.

unintentionally i often repeat life acts before proceeding, occasionally i will enter into an environment not to move through it but just to experience it, sometimes intuiting an inevitable return, sometimes purely for experiencing the relations.

intentionally folding time and testing repetition started in Valparaiso and continues in Amsterdam. i choose a cafe just to have one drink and then upon finishing have another exactly the same. instead of one large i have two separate small. this is best enjoyed with a drink that requires nuance of assembling, such as a cortado or cappuccino (cup, espresso, and milk). of course, the drink is not just an object of comparison, it is also a frame in which to observe changes of surroundings. it is as much about the time between each drink as it is the drink itself. the tests are material, spatial and tactile. elements of how the cup holds, temperature of liquid, temperature of vessel, direction of lighting, condition of shadows, acoustics, taste, weight – all factor in.