the earth was busy last night

another round of three earthquakes greeted Valparaiso last night. but it was only the 5.0 one at 4:22 am that woke me up, and instead slept through the 5.5 @1:32 am and the 4.7 @3:02 am. this completely surprises me, and after checking the response maps the earthquake was felt by some in the region. maybe the reason i missed waking to the earth shake was that i fell asleep only 30 minutes before the first and was deep in dream land, and/or the combined location of the epicenter, depth and geology through which the energy traveled to reach Valparaiso. the first two earthquakes i slept through almost occured on top of each other (relative to the size of the earth) located offshore about 65 miles South Southwest from Valparaiso about 11 miles into the earth. the earthquake i woke up for originated 59 miles North Northeast towards the Andes but at a much greater depth of 30.9 miles. good stuff…

san pedro y san pablo

just turning midnight, June 29, Wednesday – trumpets sounding, cars honking, boat horns blowing – it is San Pedro y San Pablo, a fisherman holy day celebrated in chile. Monday was the business holiday and a recovery day from all the wonderful celebrations held on Sunday. Fortunately plaza La Matriz, just outside our residence, was the staging ground to begin an energetic parade from Iglesia La Matriz to the Port Harbor. A handful of different indigenous groups presented well their music, costumes and dancing, some dating from precolombian traditions while others were modern adaptations. it was quite the party i followed and found myself out in the city for 2 hours watching and dancing along. at the end of the march the groups pooled at the harbor and mixed with the followers to watch each group individually perform to the saints, spectators, harbor, port industry and city. this went on the entire day until 6pm when it was time to leave and as the saints were brought home a parade ensued appropriating the Valparaiso streets to the frustration of drivers and cabineros. And the city adjusted flexing to make room because it was the life and energy of what people wanted.

vertical travel at bolsa de valores

in Valparaiso moving vertically in an elevator is the exception. typically it is the topography that creates the vertical displacement, not the act of building. stairs, ascensores, and collectivos (community taxies) are common ways people navigate those elevation differences.

Jose Llano, our guest instructor and fantastic educator for the studio, invited me to visit the bag of values building on Arturo Prat avenue in Valparaiso, Chile. Below is our vertical travel via the elevator and clear articulation of floors passed.

earth dancing

earth dancing has always been a part of my life and i relish knowing as stable as the ground may appear US Geological Survey records otherwise. even in east michigan, at Cranbrook Academy, i registered a 5.2 earthquake on July 23 that originated 447 miles away near Cumberland, Ontario Canada.  but never before have i felt the shakes that Valparaiso serves – which must come from a combination of the flexible timber framed buildings, vertical topography and geological under-mixing. Valparaiso sits just on the edge of South American tectonic plate bordering Nazca plate and seamed by the Peru-Chile Trench offering a dynamic concoction. i am happy to report 3 earthquakes felt for the 23 days of living in Valparaiso all registered by my body completely differently… descriptions forth coming…


earthquake #1

earthquake #2

earthquake #3

growing up in Lompoc, California earthquakes are a part of life – safety at the door frames, cover head, earthquake drills in school. and the conversation continued right into practicing architecture, particularly in California where earthquake requirements factor into foundations, structures, soil and connections.