newton’s third law

looking closely enough at the utility poles on Avenue A from 34th street to 50th street and one will find the recording of Newton’s third law of motion, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…”. at least three of the four pole deformations below are the result of a vehicle collision with fortunately no fatalities known. the force recorded on these wood and metal poles are impressive. the posted speed limit is 40-45 mph along this road stretch but easily the average speed reaches 50 mph as this area is primarily industrial and commercial businesses. with the average weight of a mid-size sedan at 3,500 lbs and volume at 110 cubic feet the impact can be severe, which is surprising then to see a metal pole deflect from a force that smashed short a vehicle’s front engine.

continuous cavity II

still by far one of the best spaces I have ever experienced.

a construction absent of aesthetic judgement, generated from a functional response to an existing condition.  few architects have done better.

detailing can be refined and material selection made better but this cavity is ingenious.