cerro abajo find no.1 – wooden blocks

using gravity:

Valparaiso Cerro Abajo event is the most marvelous combination of topography, speed, architecture, agility, skill and community. i was hooked after brian widmaier sent me the link to their 2011 event video on youtube – valparaiso polc 2011

a few things struck me about the video, the stealth urgency which the riders moved downhill and the strain on my neck after watching the film wanting desperately to pin my sight on the horizon or a point further down the road. but instead through this film, the only frames in which one sees the city moves as fast as the riders do.

i wanted more. maps, analysis, details of the route, trajectory comparisons as one biker transverses air-born from one slope to another…but i found little. and surprisingly no map.

instead i pieced together my own google map, from youtube paused stills with google map aerial pans and planed to run the route in reverse. yesterday i set out in the streets of valparaiso to move uphill, both as a process of discovering the frame flipped (up is always part of down) and recording a scale blurred at rocket downhill speeds.

time in seconds:
with gravity, Polc Filip 2011 first place winner – 2:39.219
against gravity 1/2 route, myself uphill to camino cintura – 9:40

little about my run uphill compared to the video and i could have convinced myself i incorrectly mapped the line if it weren’t repeated wooden blocks marching along the hill at their own interval and pattern. my first reading of the route – heavily weathered not always fully present wooden blocks epoxied to the cement road and, after reviewing the video, held up orange flexible boundary markers that paced the route.

so as my first series post on the downhill urban biking route of Valparaiso i offer these lovely findings.