24.797 ,-112.116 // Site Summaries

Sketches are the fun way I record site impressions. There exists an inevitable looseness that compliments the time-lapse mechanics of the instruments. At each latitude I draw the site plan, instrument plans, time log, impressionable wild-life (sometimes people), and typical site features. But my favorite to sketch are the site summaries which I draw only after leaving a location, and often this means a few weeks later. These sketches are outlines, intended to summarize the highlights of a place from which I spent three or four days. Eventually I will translate these into digital tapestries, a collaged of sorts from photos and drawings made on site. Here the story of the project expands beyond light, into the fantastical narration of delight and uncertainties.


N55 – Kincolith : unicorns, leprechauns, eagle bridge, and salmon run


N50 – Kyuquot : beer boat, lava sawtooth path, and mosquito point


N45 – Lincoln City : casino machine, deer ditch, cookie homes


N40 – Shelter Cove : tractors pulling boats, lost cove, kite fliers, and neighbor supplies.


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