wind drawings on metal

Extreme weather marks the Llano Estacado.  Sharp sun and blowing dust are constants shaping this environment.  Typically the evidence of this force is seen in rolling tumbleweeds and passing dirt piles, neither of which stay in a single place for very long.

Wind drawings on metal are an exception to the temporal passing of weather.  Plants, cables, and wires when close enough buff metal’s soft physical properties creating a pattern built up over seasons.  The resultant imprint is an elegant product of force and resistance demonstrating constants and extremes.  This capacity of natural forces to add to architectural meaning is described by Mohsen Mostafavi and David Leatherbarrow in their book, “On Weathering”.  If incorporated intentionally the pattern from wind drawings would elevate common agricultural infrastructure to exceptional structures operating as a tapestry to weather, materials and place.

Here’s to an array of cables, fixed on one end loose on the other, draped off the side of any metal silo.







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