truck defense

Only when the business across the street began operating two 20′ medium duty trucks did the strategy of back-parking and spatial choreography reveal itself.

When apart, the trucks frame the entrance door as a militarized gate, similar to the “inset-outset” condition observed in the BLDGBLOG post,The Baffler. When together, the public gate is closed and now access to the business is personal and very intentional. The position of the trucks have the ability to control direct street access and redirect circulation to the ends of a long hall parallel to the street.

As i live and work in detroit this summer, defensive systems are apparent everywhere. Usually seen as steel bar gates or chicken wire fencing, these defensive barriers mostly exist in static states. The pleasure of these medium duty trucks is that they introduce and take away functional space depending upon use and security needs of three doors, instead of just the typical one. In the closed state, each of the truck cargo items are better secured, given the space to remove the items has disappeared, and by positioning the trucks in front of the business door the space of circulation is restricted and can be monitored if desired. I enjoy the spatial depth, functional performance and circulation restructuring this operation engages. Consider this “truck defense” the spatial derivative of steven holl’s wonderful storefront project of the early 1990s. The close-off / open-on relationship is now in relation to a third space, the space within the defensive system itself. And accessing this space, or that of the business, drives the need and determines the distance with which one truck will be moved apart from the other.

Beautiful multi-functional spatial choreography.


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