everything mobile

In the early morning light, with the sun behind us, we crest the ridge of the Gila Mountains on highway 8 and see the Yuma Desert stretch out in front of us.  As we dropped into this valley at 75 mph the ground, sky and space are a pure flux of mobility, not just in relation to our moving Nissan Maxima but to an amazing density of non-choreographed hybrid activity.

In partial disbelief, we stop to gage this hive of happenings.

On that Sunday morning Yuma, Arizona manifest the visionary cities of Archigram, Situationist International New Babylon and Cedric Price.  Hot air balloons fill the sky moving East, most land in Exit 3’s Love’s Travel Stop parking lot, all stopping just West of the fighter jet flight paths on their cyclical training routes roaring overhead.  Birds dart the sky as freight trains pass by. Semi-truck trailers line the landscape awaiting their next voyage.  Everything is either in-motion, recently parked from motion or about to engage motion.

Passing Shangri-La , a trailer resort community, we almost find the name authentic and contemplate signing-in to this purely mobile environment of Yuma existence, however only temporal the existence may be.


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