light rooms

what is great is how light can split space.  it has the potential to reconfigure perceptible edge of material boundary through expanded and hidden spaces.

Four light-room relationships based on material behavior and space dimension;
Mirror, Clip, Split and Arc.

led by curiosity the other day, I wedged light from a Dell projector into partially enclosed spaces to track what the resulting projected surface, reflectance and luminosity.  i was surprised to find the striking black line, particularly in Mirror, that occurred from receding space between the wall and projecting surface.  This seam appeared to pull blackness out from the gap into the projected light, where in contrast the meeting of two materials without a gap (space), as in Arc, concentrated light into a sharp node.  In Split, it was rewarding to see each space take on a color weight in particular the yellow hue that amplify because of metal material edging reflecting the light and expanding the space.  Arc became a whole other beast of relationships as the projector was set in angle to cornered and curved planes, thus stretching, reflecting, hiding and concentrating light across the space.









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