continuous cavity

Lubbock, Texas is a bit of a continuous cavity. There is a palatable vacancy from the Yellow House Canyon, or shall I say ample space, that cuts up from the lower Texas plains into the Llano Estacado. This is a relief in the flatlands of West Texas that houses towns with the name of Plainview and Levelland known for their even topography and ideal cotton conditions. But in spacious Lubbock City, this cavity is subtle, hardly noticeable in the built environment where buildings are objects and roads are four lanes wide. How pleased I was last May to find place with a scaled continuous cavity. Immediately I knew this was invaluable, so with four days and the indispensable help of Brian, I packed up and relocated my belongings adjacent to this cavity. Independent from the changing hours outside, the continuous cavity registers something completely different. A dark poetic contrast to the east brilliance of the morning light, inverting in the afternoon as low setting sun casts light into this metal pocket now seen against the darkening blue of the east sky. Third again, nighttime captures yet another setting as the mirrored reflectance of artificial light and interior action reflects back into the space. We need architecture with this depth.


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