transversing the Rhine

transversing the Rhine : in the water and on the land

nothing is static when sailing a 1979 60′ concrete South African made ship through the lower Rhine River / Amsterdam canal.  maneuvering this weighted momentum through docked stops, grounded edges, and traveling trajectories is a full body balancing experience.  driving a boat that feeds off of one’s sweat and blood was exhaustingly beautiful. this ship from the other hemisphere required our entire team of five to navigate the red and green lights of netherland’s canals with a forceful finesse.  we worked a refreshingly crude sometimes dissonant beauty dance for six hours from port to starboard and back again.

in water, connections and knots are critical: triangulation, relation, divots, tides, push and pull thins one’s skin to the local intricacies of condition and need. the body is intertwined.

on land, speed and polish prevails: in amsterdam city operating through gravities of dense people and multiple transfers is a seamless streamlines that pulls taught the folded membrane of intricacy.

and the vessel of travel

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