power of two

in Amsterdam there is twice the light, twice the boats and twice the bridges. Alice can find her looking glass in the mirrored waterway canals that ring the city center.

unintentionally i often repeat life acts before proceeding, occasionally i will enter into an environment not to move through it but just to experience it, sometimes intuiting an inevitable return, sometimes purely for experiencing the relations.

intentionally folding time and testing repetition started in Valparaiso and continues in Amsterdam. i choose a cafe just to have one drink and then upon finishing have another exactly the same. instead of one large i have two separate small. this is best enjoyed with a drink that requires nuance of assembling, such as a cortado or cappuccino (cup, espresso, and milk). of course, the drink is not just an object of comparison, it is also a frame in which to observe changes of surroundings. it is as much about the time between each drink as it is the drink itself. the tests are material, spatial and tactile. elements of how the cup holds, temperature of liquid, temperature of vessel, direction of lighting, condition of shadows, acoustics, taste, weight – all factor in.

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