sunday odyssey : pomaire de greda

I went to Santiago over the weekend.

On Sunday I set out on a hunt to find clay from Pomaire, Chile. A small small village just East of Melipilla an hour by local bus from Santiago.

The Melipilla bus brought me to the Pomaire Collectivo who took me to the Clay Pimp who sold me 27 kilos of clay, who put me back in a collectivo, that took me to the Santiago bus who left me 4 blocks from the metro station.

All along I drew a map, since I didn’t know where I was or if I was going to know how to get back home.

I carried Chile’s Cuerpo de Tierra.
It warmed by the time I arrived to Unamuno Casa and had multiple bottom indentations from where I rested it on trash bins, railings, posts to rest my forearms.

2011 google image


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