food made home

Valparaiso end of week 7:  finally mastering a meal from the two burner stove top and local food ensembles. everyday is a fight of science and balance. any meal can quickly become a cooking disaster thanks to my endearing warped sauce pan and dimpled pot. one failure repeated more than once i title “rice mash-up”, a mixture of poorly cooked rice with tones of hot sauce and strange additives in attempts to make the bad taste bland – never fully stomached meal. a considered success is rigatoni with various sautéed vegetable adds, or over-easy egg sandwich. i’ve identified preferred food spots of our neighborhood Barrio Puerto; bread comes from one of two local panaderias, the eggs from a displaced vendor who now sells out front the earthquake damaged Mercado del Puerto, vegetable from a corner shop off of Plaza Echaurren, the giant celery was not repeated, but delicious chilean camenere wine is.


2 thoughts on “food made home

  1. I’m happy you’re cooking. What an adventure. I’ll try to make it to the exhibition, not sure I can. Suerte, Dad

    • of course you will be here Dad, can’t imagine why you wouldn’t travel space and time to arrive in Valparaiso on Thursday. We are getting supplies and the students are almost ready to pin-up. Should be a great day.

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