the earth was busy last night

another round of three earthquakes greeted Valparaiso last night. but it was only the 5.0 one at 4:22 am that woke me up, and instead slept through the 5.5 @1:32 am and the 4.7 @3:02 am. this completely surprises me, and after checking the response maps the earthquake was felt by some in the region. maybe the reason i missed waking to the earth shake was that i fell asleep only 30 minutes before the first and was deep in dream land, and/or the combined location of the epicenter, depth and geology through which the energy traveled to reach Valparaiso. the first two earthquakes i slept through almost occured on top of each other (relative to the size of the earth) located offshore about 65 miles South Southwest from Valparaiso about 11 miles into the earth. the earthquake i woke up for originated 59 miles North Northeast towards the Andes but at a much greater depth of 30.9 miles. good stuff…


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