san pedro y san pablo

just turning midnight, June 29, Wednesday – trumpets sounding, cars honking, boat horns blowing – it is San Pedro y San Pablo, a fisherman holy day celebrated in chile. Monday was the business holiday and a recovery day from all the wonderful celebrations held on Sunday. Fortunately plaza La Matriz, just outside our residence, was the staging ground to begin an energetic parade from Iglesia La Matriz to the Port Harbor. A handful of different indigenous groups presented well their music, costumes and dancing, some dating from precolombian traditions while others were modern adaptations. it was quite the party i followed and found myself out in the city for 2 hours watching and dancing along. at the end of the march the groups pooled at the harbor and mixed with the followers to watch each group individually perform to the saints, spectators, harbor, port industry and city. this went on the entire day until 6pm when it was time to leave and as the saints were brought home a parade ensued appropriating the Valparaiso streets to the frustration of drivers and cabineros. And the city adjusted flexing to make room because it was the life and energy of what people wanted.


2 thoughts on “san pedro y san pablo

  1. what tiny photographer took these lovely photos? i am always so busy being tall and not noticing the bottom half of things.

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